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Alhama de Murcia has a rich monumental and cultural heritage that speaks of its past. Main highlights are the Castillo Árabe(BIC) (Arabian Castle - Asset of Cultural Interest) which crowns the town,and the Archaeological Museum Los Baños where you can take a tour of two thousand years of history.

We can find a set of buildings of great cultural interest: the Mercado de Abastos (Food Market), by Pedro Cerdán, it is a meeting place and market since the early 20th century; Iglesia de San Lazaro (San Lázaro's Church) with a magnificent baroque facade; the Plaza Vieja , former social, economic and administrative center of the town at the foot of the Cerro del Castillo (Castle's Hill); the antiguo Ayuntamiento (old City Hall) restored as a cultural center; the Pósito Municipal (Municipal Barn), an institution dedicated to the regulation of cereal trade and the Casa de la Tercia (House of La Tercia/Public Granary) in which façade can be seen the heraldic shield of the Marquesado de los Vélez (Vélez´s Marquis); the Jardín de los Mártires (Martyrs Garden), old sea front; the Church of la Concepción, rebuilt with architectural and artistic approaches of Murcian baroque; the Jardín de las Américas (Americas Garden) and the Centro Cultural V Centenario (5th Centennial Cultural Center), old Saavedra family mansion which still preserves part of the orchard that surrounded it; and the Ayuntamiento (City Hall), former Artero family house, renovated in 1986 as town hall.

Resources list

The Tercia House The Tercia House
The Tercia House is a granary house located in the Larga Street (Long Street in English) and built in 1755 by order of the Marquis of Los Velez to store a third of all the grain harvested in this town. With th...
The Martyres Park The Martyres Park
The Martyres Park was initially the old promenade on the rambla or dry riverbed of the Cruz, today called the Ramb...
The Archaeological Museum The Archaeological Museum "Los Baños"
Free admission.
San Lázaro Bishop Church San Lázaro Bishop Church
The Church of San Lázaro Obispo is placed over the earlier Christian church about which there are records from 14th century and under the patronage of St. Lazarous, possibly built over the old ...
Castle Castle
A fort of Islamic origin stands in the Cerro del Castillo (Castle's Hill) in Alhama de Murcia, from 11th and 12th centuries, located on a steep hill overlooking the town and with favorable conditions to control...
The Public Market The Public Market
The Public Market was built in 1928 by Pedro Cerdán. This is a building of simple lines, the most basic ornamental element being its façade. Around it the weekly street market is held every Tuesday....
City Hall City Hall
Former Artero family house was built in the early 20th century, having been rehabilitated as Town Hall in 1986. It belongs to the type of new homes built in the 20th century and integrated into the orchard (&qu...
5th Centenary Cultural Center 5th Centenary Cultural Center
The Saavedra Family House, built in the early 20th century, popularly known as Casa Amarilla ("Yellow House"), is an example of the architectural elements that will be added a...
The Municipal Granary The Municipal Granary
Open in case of temporary exhibitions.
Plaza Vieja Cultural Center Plaza Vieja Cultural Center
This 18th century mansion hosted the City Hall between 1923 and 1986. Currently it hosts the Municipal Library and the Plaza Vieja Exhibition Hall.The Cu...

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